1849: Gold Edition App Reviews

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I really wish the creators would come out with another expansion. I love this, as an old school Cesar II fan, this is the only iOS game that comes close. I would happily pay for more. Please!

Absolutely recommended

I was concerned because this hasn't been updated in a while, but it runs like a champ. Highly recommended - an authentic desktop builder game experience.

Only city building app on ios that isnt freemium bs

Great game wish there were others like this for ios instead of all the pay to win garabage.

Great time waster

Simple, basic, challenging, frustrating all rolled into a great little game. You won't be disappointed as the levels become more challenging and different than the last so there is very few consistency. The expansion packs provide the "more please, I don't want it to end" feelings when a great game ends. If you're like economic based games and city management, this game won't disappoint.


thx fot unique (for iOS platform ), and great app. This game is awesome, like others from mac or PC.


I want to like this game. There aren't enough real time sims,IMO. However, it locks up all the time. Please fix it!

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